Ephesians Greek Memory Challenge

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THE CHALLENGE: On this page I want to publish a challenge to memorize the book of Ephesians in the Greek New Testament. I plan to lead the way by memorizing the book in the next year for a spiritual and Intellectual adventure. The task is indeed daunting. Back in 1974, I memorized all of I Thessalonians, I Timothy, II Timothy and Titus in the King James Version. The first was required for a course I was taking. The others I did when my professor Parker Henderson said he would give us an A for the course if we memorized the book, without having to take any tests. I found memorized more profitable and less stressful than test taking! This will be the first book I have memorized in Greek. 

THE GREEK TEXT: I will be using the Robinson-Pierpoint Byzantine text for my memory work. You can use any Greek text you prefer. The text must be read to someone capable of following the Greek text close enough to tell how you are doing. The ultimate goal is to hide God's Word in our hearts so it can mould our lives in godly fashion. 

PRONUNCIATION: Any pronunciation system is acceptable, Modern, Classical, Restored Classical, etc. I will be using Dr. Louis Tyler' fluent Erasmian system that he uses on his audio tapes. You can listen to Dr. Tyler's fluent Erasmian rendition of Ephesians in the RP Greek text at the bottom of this page. Here is a link to a Short Guide to my pronunciation system. 

AIDS TO MEMORIZING: I will also be publish a set of flash cards with all the versus in paragraphs that students are free to run off and carry around to assist them in memorizing the text. 

A SYSTEM YOU CAN USE: Here is a link to Marlin Hoffman's Scripture Memory System. This is the system I use. I also used for memorizing the Spanish and Greek vocabulary and grammar. 

MULTI-SENSORY ADVANTAGE: I highly recommend working from your own handwritten transcription of the text as an aid to memorization. Visualize the form (exact spelling) of the Greek words is a tremendous help to memorizing text Seeing, hearing, listening, speaking, and feeling the movement of the fountain pen (muscle memory) are all ways to reinforce the memorization process. Pay particular attention to the syllable placement and form of the Greek accents. 

INCENTIVES: While the main incentive is the profit and joy of hiding God's Word in our hearts. I am planning some cool incentives. I will publish the name of anyone who can memorize Ephesians in the Greek text: a sort of Honor Roll I am preparing certificates I will send to those who successfully meet the challenge a beautiful Certificate of Successful Memorization. Perhaps we can start a blog to share progress and insights, etc. Professors can challenge students, and students can challenge professors. Schools can challenge schools. 

SPANISH: Invito a mis hermanos de habla español a participar en este desafío también. Puede escribirme en español. ¡Buena suerte! El sistema de Marlin Hoffman para memorizar las escrituras está disponible in español. 

Click on the chapter below to listen to Dr. Tyler's oral interpretation of the Greek text of Ephesians in the Robinson-Pierpoint Greek text. This is a major aid to memorizing the test and learning to read orally with conversational fluency and high level comprehension. Dr. Tyler also has recordings available of the TR and Wescott & Hort texts. 

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