Greek Pronunciation Course

Simplified Guide to the Pronunciation of New Testament Greek

Copyright © 2003 by Donald Potter

This page is taken from my privately published and distributed work, A Practical Guide to the Pronunciation and Reading of New Testament Greek © 1987 by Donald L. Potter. There are five parts to this page. click on the link below each chart to hear the audio instruction. A new edition should be available later this summer - 2013. 

1. The Alphabet taught by Donald Potter

2. The Consonants Chart taught by Donald Potter

3. The Vowel Triangle taught by Donald Potter. 

4. Mark 1: 1-5 read by Dr. Louis Tyler to illustrate our method. 

5. The Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians read by Dr. Louis Tyler for extensive listening practice and fluency building.

       Listen to the Greek Alphabet                                               

Listen to Greek Consonants 

Facial Diagram


                                                                              Listen to the Greek Vowels 


 Listen to Dr. Louis Tyler Read Mark 1:1-5 TR

Purchase Dr. Tyler's Recordings of the Greek New Testament at

Extra Practice with Dr. Louis Tyler 

Dr. Tyler recorded Ephesians for me back in January 2006. He followed the Robinson-Pierpoint Byzantine Greek NT

Here is a good copy of the Byzantine text of Ephesians you can use to follow along:  Ephesians - Greek Orthodox Text

Click on the chapter to hear Dr. Tyler's fluent rendition Ephesians with Erasmian pronunciation: Ephesians 1Ephesians 2Ephesians 3Ephesians 4Ephesians 5Ephesians 6.

Sing the Greek Alphabet, Jesus Loves Me and The Doxology with Bill Mounce: Greek Songs