I trust that every visitor will find something of interest and value for the time spent on my Wide Interest Web Site. It is my plan to fill the pages of my site with valuable information on many subjects of interest to everyone, young and old alike.  Much of the information will be free articles by myself and authors I respect, some will consist of links to other sites that I consider of particular value. Some of the information will be available for purchase in the form of e-books and other formats. I plan to feature valuable audio CDs which will enable students of all ages to enhance their learning of Spanish, Koiné Greek, Hebrew, Latin and English.  

Here is a picture of me with The Person most responsible for my 
 Personal, and  
Spiritual Development.

Don and His Dad Orson in 1949 on the Old Ford Tractor 

I was two years old when this picture was taken. My dad was a dairy farmer in the beautiful hills of Southern Indiana. We were together almost every day until I left home for college. We worked together, played together, fished together, hunted together, and worshipped together. His impact on my life is impossible to adequately measure. He served his country during WW II in North Africa and Italy, first in the 532nd Antiaircraft Artillery, and toward the end of the war in the 473rd 473rd infantry. Fifth Army AAA: Salerno to Florence. The War Against Germany & Italy Mediterranean and Adjacent Areas (1951, 1988) Here are some pictures of dad in uniform, right after the war: Pict. 1Pict. 2. He served in many capacities in our little town. Among other things, he served on the School Board, the County Fair Board, as an Elder for the Pleasant Ridge Church of Christ, and on the Water Board. He is an excellent reader, no doubt because his first grade teacher taught him to read with phonics. She was my teacher, too!  He was as excited as I was about the possible impact of these web pages, which were launched in late 2003. Together we wish you a profitable journey through the ever evolving pages of my website. Tribute to my Dad. 

Here is a short video of the Cincinnati Bible Seminary where I earned my B. S. in 1970. This video was made when I was a student there. Here is some information about the school and library

Here is my technically sophisticated son-in-law 

showing me how to use my new Macbook


His Internet expertise is what makes my website happen.  



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