Audio for Roberts’ NT Greek Grammar

Audio Instruction for J. W. Roberts’ A Grammar of the Greek New Testament for Beginners

I will be adding the audio instruction for the “Introduction" and “Lessons" each week. 


Lesson   1.  Conjugation of ω-verbs: Present Indicative Active

Lesson   2.  Declension of η-nouns

Lesson   3.  α-stems of the First Declension 

Lesson   4.  Prepositions 

Lesson   5.  Contract (εω) Verbs

Lesson   6.  Declension of α-stems (Concluded), Masculines in –ης and –ας 

Lesson   7.  The Passive Voice. Present Indicative Passive 

Lesson   8.  The Middle Voice. Present Indicative Middle

Lesson   9.  Second (ο) Declension. Nouns in –ας ; Verbs in αω

Lesson  10  Second Declension. Neuter Stems in ο; Verbs in οω

Lesson  11  Adjectives of the Vowel Declension 

Lesson  12  Regular Verbs in –μι

Lesson  13  Conjugation of εμί. The Personal Pronoun

Lesson  14. Imperfect Indicative Active

Lesson  15. Imperfect Indicative Middle-Passive

Lesson  16. The Demonstratives. Reflexive Pronouns

Lesson  17. Deponent (Defective) Verbs

Lesson  18. The Future Tense 

Lesson  19. The Future Tense (Continued)

Lesson  20. The Aorist Tense

Lesson  21. The Second Aorist Tense   

Lesson  22. The Aorist Tense (Continued)        

Lesson  23.  Perfect Active Indicative Active           

Lesson  24.  The Perfect Active (Continued)         

Lesson  25.  The Pluperfect Tense        

Lesson  26.  The Perfect Indicative Middle and Passive       

Lesson  27.  The Aorist Passive 

Lesson  28.  The Future  Passive          

Lesson  29.  The Principal Parts            

Lesson  30.  The Third Declension           

Lesson  31.  Liquid Nouns of the Third Declension        

Lesson  32.  The Relative Pronoun           

Lesson  33.  Mute Stems of the Third Declension            

Lesson  34.  Third Declension Stems in –οντ. The Active Participle           

Lesson  35.  Sibilant Stems (-ες) of the Third Declension           

Lesson  36.  The Middle and Passive Participles           

Lesson  37.  The Genitive Absolute. Supplementary Participle        

Lesson  38.  The Aorist Passive Participle. Syncopated Stems of the 3rd Declension         

Lesson  39.  The Subjunctive Mood     

Lesson 40.  The First Aorist Subjunctive. Vowel Stems of the 3rd Declension          

Lesson 41.  Second Aorist Subjunctive        

Lesson 42.  Conditional Sentences: Logical and Unreal

Lesson 43.  Conditional Sentences: Anticipatory. Indefinite and Interrogative Pronouns      

Lesson 44.  The Imperative Mood      

Lesson 45.  Numbers

Lesson 46.  Comparison of Adjectives

Lesson 47.  Irregular Comparison of Adjectives

Lesson 48.  The Optative

Lesson 49.  The Periphrastic Tenses

Lesson 50.  Adverbs and Their comparison

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