A Sound Track to Reading Audio & Video Instruction

Fundamental Skills Level 

Introductory Video: Key Word Chart and Vowel Chart: This is a short course in linguistics for reading teachers. 

Lesson 1 Audio: Short-ă, m, s, t, -ing, -er, -ed = /t/ or /d/. Vowel Rule 1. 

Lesson 2 Audio: Short-ă, d, g, f, h, -ed

Lesson 3 Audio: Short-ă, p, r, n b y=ē,  Vowel Rule 5.    

Lesson 4 Audio: Short-ă, c, k, ck, l, w, j

Lesson 5 Audio:  Short-ă, v, qu, x, y, z, -ly, -le

Lesson 6 Audio: Short-ĭ

Lesson 7 Audio: Short-ŭ, -le

Lesson 8 Audio; Review of Short-ă, Short-ĭ, Short-ŭ

Lesson 9 Audio: Short ŏ, -s, -ed, -er, -ing, -y, -ly, -le

Lesson 10 Audio: Short ĕ, -ness, -en

Lesson 11 Audio: Review of Short Vowels

Lesson 12 Audio: Beginning Consonant Blends

Lesson 13 Audio: ch, sh, th, -ng, -nk, -ck, -tch

Lesson 14 Audio: Plurals -s, -es

Lesson 15 Audio: Long Vowel VCE, Vowel Digraphs with -y and -w,  Vowel Rule 2. 

Lesson 16 Audio : Long Vowel: Consonant-Vowel,  Vowel Rule 3. 

Lesson 17 Audio: Review of Consonant Digraphs with Short and Long Vowels. Use of ck and k. 

Lesson 18 Audio: Vowel Rule 3 and Review of First Three Vowel Rules. 

Lesson 19 Audio: Third Sound of a, o, and u,  Vowel Rule 4. 

Lesson 20 Audio: o/ow, oi/oy, ar, or, er, ir, ur (4 Plain Diphthongs & Murmur Diphthongs)

Lesson 21 Audio: Review: Short, Long, and 3rd Sound of a. x, qu and squ, Closed and Open Syllables

Lesson 22 Audio: Endings y =  Long ē and Long ȳ, Vowel Rules 5 & 6. Plural y changes to i: baby > babies.

Lesson 23 Audio: Three Sounds of ed /ĕd/ /d/ /t/. 

Lesson 24 Audio: Short vowel/consonant-consonant (VCC) Words, Long vowel/consonant (V/C); Vowel Rules 7 & 8. 

Lesson 25 Audio: Review of Vowel Rule 3. -tion, VC

Lesson 26 Audio: Sounds of s, x, c, g; Consonant Rules 1, 2, 3, & 4.

Lesson 27 Audio: Spelling /k/, /ks/, /kw/, /x/ /g/, x=z, c, g

Lesson 28 Audio: ie, oo, ei; Vowel Rule 2 regular & irregular vowel digraphs.  

Lesson 29 Audio: ĕa, eā, ear = /ûr/, eär

Lesson 30 Audio: Sounds of ou

Reference Section: Advanced Skills Level

Lesson 31 Audio: Schwa
Lesson 31 Video

Lesson 32 Audio: Contractions

Lesson 33 Audio: Homonyms

Lesson 34 Audio: Common Words - Not Phonetic; Vowel combinations that look like diphthongs, but sounded separately. 

Lesson 35 Audio: ōld, ōlt, ōst, īld, o=ŭ, 

Lesson 36 Audio: Consonant Digraphs with Silent Letters

Lesson 37 Audio: More Silent Letters pn, ps, pt, rh

Lesson 38 Audio: Spellins for /sh/

Lesson 39 Audio: Seven Spellings of the /sh/. Basic consonant sound. /zh/

Lesson 40 Audio: Tying the “Y’s" together: y = Short-ĭ, Long-ī, Long-ē, & Silent

Lesson 41 Audio: Tying the R-Controlled Vowels Together

Lesson 42 Audio: Prefixes

Lesson 43 Audio: Suffixes

Lesson 44 Audio: Helpful Vowel Rules

Lesson 45 Audio: Helpful Consonant Rules

Lesson 46 Audio: Rules 1-6 for Syllabication 

Lesson 47 Audio: Rules 7-10 for Syllabication

Lesson 48 Audio: Accent 

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